Sunday, July 09, 2006

Victory Garden in Danger!

Only a week after we planted our organic "victory garden," I am dismayed to report that it is not doing well. I fear it may not make it. We used our compost and other organic fertilizers and have watered it regularly. I think we have adequate sun in the spot. I sprayed the plants with a spray that I made from my composter. According to the directions that came with my composter (yes, the suburban princess bought her composter in a catalog and yes, it did come with instructions...get over it!) the spray, which was made from the leakage of the food waste in the composter, was supposed to be a fertilizer. My husband thinks the spray killed all our plants. I am not sure what is killing our plants, but they are definitely at risk. I have to say thank God for supermarkets or we would surely starve. I report with a sullen heart that we are not quite ready for sustainable living.

Here are some websites on gardening and composting that I hope will help us and anyone else making an attempt at growing their own organic vegetables.



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Anonymous said...

Keep at it, Suburban Princess. Sometimes you just have to find the right spot and seeds for a veggie garden to thrive.