Monday, January 29, 2007

Join MoveOn's Virtual March

On Thursday, February 1st, 2007, is aiming to send 1 million messages to Congress. They'll deliver petition signatures from hundreds of thousands of Americans all over the nation who are opposed to escalation in Iraq. Then, they'll call our senators all day to let them know that the Senate has to oppose the president's plan to escalate the war and that we're counting on them to block it.


I want to join the virtual march against the war.

Get your message out!

Adapted from United for Peace and Justice:

Now is also the time to get our message into the media!

This work is making a difference: We heard from a woman who planned to come to Saturday's mobilization in Washington because she saw a letter to the editor another individual in her community had written to her local paper.

Here's what you can do:

1) Send a letter to the editor today and explain why you disagree with the President's war in Iraq and why you support the protest this past weekend. If you couldn't make it to Washington, state why Saturday's march speaks for you.

Help Pass Resolution Against Escalation

From Matt Holland
Online Director

Americans in every state are speaking out against the President's plan to escalate the war. And last Saturday, tens of thousands of us marched on Washington to make that perfectly clear (more about that tomorrow). Right now, we've got a unique opportunity to build state-by-state support to get Congress to really block escalation in Iraq.

A resolution against escalation is being introduced in New York. Tell your state legislators to make sure it passes.

The resolution in New York will send a powerful message to Congress to block escalation in Iraq.

Tell your state legislators that you are against escalating Iraq and urge them to support this resolution.

This is not just happening in New York. Along with our friends at the Progressive States Network, the Women Legislators' Lobby, and other allies, we are asking state legislators across the country to introduce and pass resolutions opposing the escalation in Iraq. These resolutions will send a powerful message to Congress that America is overwhelmingly opposed to this policy.
United For Peace & Justice March on Washington

Susan Sarandon speaks out about more than 50,000 soldiers wounded and the fact that they are not getting the care that they deserve. (On the McLaughlin Group this week, the estimate of wounded was 70,000).
United for Peace and Justice Anti-War March

Unfortunately, demands at home and work kept me from going to the march, but here is some footage that I was able to get off of youtube. Luckily, we have our own special reporter "Urban Princess" who did attend with her family. I am very thankful to her for going and speaking out in our name. She will be reporting in later in the week. For those, like me, who couldn't make it. Call the Capitol Switchboard today to speak out against the escalation. (202-224-3121). All you have to do is give them the name of your Senators or Congresspeople and leave a message. is also organizing a "virtual march," so check out their website for more details.