Sunday, March 11, 2007

Grammy nominee for best male pop vocal performance, John Mayer, explains in his song "Waiting for the World to Change," why his generation doesn't take more action on the injustices that they see.

Senator Schumer Asks for Gonzales's Resignation

Kudos to Senator Schumer for calling a spade a spade and saying that Gonzales is more loyal to President Bush than to the U.S. Constitution. Schumer said that its time for Gonzales to resign.

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Bush in Bogota: It's been emotional

The Sydney Morning Herald reports that over 2,000 protesters went to the streets in Bogota to send President Bush a message, "Go Home."

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Tacoma Peace Activists Stage Blockade of Stryker Vehicles Headed for Iraq

Democracy Now reports that peace activists in Tacoma, Washington have launched a campaign to prevent the military from shipping 300 Stryker armored vehicles to Iraq. Continued protests and civil disobedience are expected throughout the weekend.

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Bush: Additional troops will serve support roles

President Bush said Sunday that at least 4,400 additional troops he is sending to Iraq - more than he had originally stated in January would be deployed - will serve in support roles only.

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Halliburton to Move its HQ to Dubai

Halliburton will moves its headquarters from Houston to Dubai. It will still leave an office in Houston.

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Scene from Iraq for Sale: Former Halliburton employee explains how Halliburton's negligence resulted in troops bathing in contaminated water.

Question: If Haliburton moves its Headquarters to Dubai will it still be subject to U.S. law?

Upcoming Anti-War Protests

NYC Protests 3/18 - Click here for details.

Protests in Maine

Protesting at the Pentagon in DC

Other Protest Locations

Women's Health and Rights - A Business Investment

Recently, around the world, the framework of corporate responsibility has expanded to include not only a company's employees, but also surrounding communities.Investing in women's health and rights is a key mechanism for promotion of corporate accountability, as well as one of the best investments that businesses can make.

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Making Women's Health an International Priority

This story details the many ways that Women's Health is at risk around the world and what we can do about it.

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Walter Reed: What you can do about it

Paul Reichoff of the Iraq Afghanistan Veterans' Association writes about what you can do to help veterans get the support they need.

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