Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Minnesota Goes Green, Really Green

Minnesota takes steps toward becoming the U.S.'s most environmentally progressive place, after New York and Maine.

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A Welcome Recasting on Renewable Energy

Increasing political will to take action against global warming has resulting in new laws in Minnesota to reduce emissions and to invest in alternative energy sources such as wind, solar, and hydro-power. Maine and New York are also congratulated for their high standards.

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Worries over global warming to boost use of renewables

Governments around the world are trying to invest in alternative sources of energy.

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35 Point Action Plan Revealed to Congress to Reach 25x’25 Energy Goals

An Action Plan was presented to Congressional leaders on Capitol Hill this morning, containing 35 specific recommendations that would cost just five percent of what America spent on imported oil in 2006 and would result in a dramatic increase in new jobs and economic activity, along with significant reductions in oil consumption.

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An Inconvenient Truth - A Global Warming Cartoon

I Need to Wake Up! by Melissa Ethridge