Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Help Send Two Kids to Uganda to Build a School

Schools around the country are competing to send two of their students to Uganda to help build a school for the "Invisible Children" of Uganda. These "Invisible Children" are children who are at risk of being abducted by rebels there and forced to work as soldiers. With your help, though, these children might be able to go to school instead.

You can also help give two Long Island students a life changing experience. Two students at Calhoun High School could win a trip to Africa if the school raises the most money in the country and I hear they are close. The contest ends at midnight tonight. (Sorry for the short notice, I should have let you know sooner). View the video about "Invisible Children," then if you are moved click here to donate and select "Sanford H. Calhoun" as the school that motivated you to donate. The students there have worked really hard all year to help the "Invisible Children," and they want to win the contest, so they can continue to help by building a school in Uganda.

Watch an intro to the "Invisible Children" video.

The "Invisible Children" campaign really shows the power of the internet. Three young men from California travel to Africa on a shoe string budget with modest cameras and come back to the U.S. and raise awareness of the issue of child soldiers and enough money to build a few schools in Africa.

Whether you decide to make this your cause or not, you should be inspired by what everyday kids can do with energy, cameras, the internet, some imagination, and good hearts.

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