Saturday, February 24, 2007

Genetically Altered Salmon

This morning I heard on CBS radio something about a company trying to get FDA approval to sell genetically altered salmon. I haven't been able to find any more updated information on the story, although I was able to find this article from The Union of Concerned Scientists which expresses concern about genetically altered fish. The idea of genetically altered food is very scary to me. If you want to read more about it read Harvest of Hope by Jane Goodall, which you can order via on a link below. A documentary that is also really informative about the food industry is The Future of Food. It is important to remember that before the progressive era meat packing companies were mixing string and other crap into meat to reduced costs and increase profits. It is really important for the FDA to do its job and protect the public by making sure our food is safe. Unfortunately, government regulators under the Bush Administration seem to favor industry over the public and profits seem to win out over our safety, which is why we as the public need to continue to lobby, write, and call our government officials to advocate for safer food. To write against genetically altered fish, check out this link.

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